Simulated Game Shooting

We offer your party of 4 to 10 guns a complete and unforgettable simulated game shooting experience.

From drawing the pegs and try to replicate as closely as possible, the atmosphere of the "real thing".


On arrival you will enjoy tea/coffee & you draw peg numbers for the line, your peg number will change throughout the day and you will experience several shooting positions. You can shoot at your own pace, but each shooter will probably shoot between 50- 100 cartridges per drive at multiple traps that simulate quarry such as pheasant, partridge & duck. 


There will be two drives in the morning, break for lunch (which is provided) & two more drives in the afternoon. 


Poaching your neighbours targets is encouraged but saftey is always paramount. 


Come and shoot our simulated drives and test your shooting skills, this really is the nearest you will come to shooting driven game.

For a Customised Simulated Day We Can Price For;    

  • Per/Person


  • Per/Person including Cartridges


  • Gun hire service plus Per/Person including Cartridges


  • Loader/Instructor & Gun hire service plus Per/Person including Cartridges

All Cartridges used when shooting Simulated Game at Urbalshinny "Must be Fibre Wad"!!