Semi Driven/ Walked up Pheasant Shooting

We pride ourselves in having some of the most testing targets, mixed with a great varity of ground to hunt. 


A normal shooting day is set out in a very relaxed and enjoyable schedule.


When you arrive at that the Sporting Lodge the guns and shooting party meet together for tea and coffee to introduce and congregate with the shoot management and fellow sportsmen and women.


Once the meeting and greeting is over the shooting party will assemble to proceed to the first hunt. The morning hunt consists mostly of woodland cover and hedgerows.

After the morning hunt is over, the party will head back too the lodge for lunch "which is provided".


Once everyone has had something to eat the party will again assemble for the afternoon hunts.


These will consist of a good mix of woodland, bog and hedgrows, with a chance of woodcock and snipe.  

Once the last hunt is over the party returns to the Sporting Lodge to reminisce over the days shooting and hunting. The bag will be then added up and a pair or more of birds may be taken home by each gun.


A evening diner or drink can also be arranged at a local bar or resaurant.



Typical bags 50-100 birds between 6-10 guns.


Prices: Pheasants are set at £28.00 per-bird