Snipe & Woodcock Shooting

Urbalshinny Sporting Lodge has some of the best Snipe & Woodcock Shooting in Ireland.


A normal Snipe & Woodcock day is set out in a very relaxed and enjoyable schedule.


When you arrive at that the Sporting Lodge the guns and shooting party meet together for tea and coffee to introduce and congregate with the shoot management and fellow sportsmen.


Once the meeting and greeting is over the shooting party will assemble to proceed to the first hunt by 4x4. 

The day will consist of 3-4 hunts on mostly Irish bog mixed with neighbouring woodland. 


Good amounts of Snipe & Woodcock can be expected from late October early Novomber. 


Hunts are walked up and beaters can be brought in if parties don't have their own dogs. 



Dates are available throughout the 2021/2022 season. 


Parties can consist of 4-8 guns 


£150.00 per-gun

Includes lunch for Party

Here are some memories from over the last seasons