About us


Urbalshinny Sporting Lodge has a 30 year old shooting tradition in Co Tyrone Northern Ireland. 


Shooting at Urbalshinny was started by Artie Monteith in the mid 80’s; he and a group of friends formed a syndicate and started releasing pheasants every year. 


Artie's eldest son Derrick and his grandson Simon now run Urbalshinny Lodge as a Game and Clay Pigeon Shoot, welcoming anyone to come and try these different types of Country Sports. 


They also run a Registered Firearm Dealership A.A.Monteith & Sons at Urbalshinny, which was originally, ran by Artie also. 

Our aim is to provide customers with a enjoyable experience in a relaxed 
environment & welcoming new individuals who are interested in shooting.


Your contacts

Derrick Monteith - Shoot Manager


Tel: +44 7850260731

Email: sales@aamonteith.co.uk


Simon Monteith - Game Keeper


Tel: +44 28 8075 8395

E-mail: simonmonteith@googlemail.com