Clay Pigeon Shooting

We are happy to announce the opening of our clay pigeon ground.


The layout consists of DTL, SportTrap & Simulated Game Targets Available.


The Ground will be open for Experienced Shooters seeking a place to practice, Novice Shooters seeking Coaching and Corporate Shooting Activities.


Stag, Hen, Birthday and Office parties can be catered for also!


Flexible Opening Hours Available!!!

Shooting Disciplines

Down The Line (DTL)

Targets are thrown to a distance of 45 to 50 metres at a fixed height of approximately 2.75m  Scoring of each target is 3 points for a first barrel kill, 2 points for a second barrel kill and 0 for a miss 

Sportrap & Simulated Game

Sportrap looks like a mini English Sporting layout and the targets are similar. Sportrap is also similar to Compak Sporting, both are a Sporting layout fitted into a limited space


Simulated Game is produced from actual game drives simulating anything from pheasant, partridge, grouse or duck.